Clonemara Cheetahs – Recent Results

2022 Season

  1. Clonemara Cheetahs vs. Glenbrook Gales
    • Date: April 10, 2022
    • Result: Clonemara Cheetahs 2-15, Glenbrook Gales 1-12
    • Description: A strong start to the season with a convincing win at home. The Cheetahs displayed excellent teamwork and sharpshooting skills.
  2. Clonemara Cheetahs vs. Portstown Pirates
    • Date: May 2, 2022
    • Result: Clonemara Cheetahs 0-19, Portstown Pirates 0-14
    • Description: Another impressive performance, securing a vital away victory against a resilient Pirates side.
  3. Clonemara Cheetahs vs. Ballybridge Bulls
    • Date: June 12, 2022
    • Result: Clonemara Cheetahs 3-10, Ballybridge Bulls 1-8
    • Description: A thrilling encounter that showcased the Cheetahs’ attacking prowess, securing a comfortable win.
  4. Clonemara Cheetahs vs. Newtown Rangers (County Final)
    • Date: October 15, 2022
    • Result: Clonemara Cheetahs 2-14, Newtown Rangers 1-12
    • Description: A historic victory in the County Final, marking the Cheetahs’ return to the top of their local league.
  5. Clonemara Cheetahs vs. Kilbride Kings (All-Ireland Club Championship Quarterfinal)
    • Date: November 27, 2022
    • Result: Clonemara Cheetahs 2-16, Kilbride Kings 1-13
    • Description: Advancing to the All-Ireland Club Championship semifinals with a remarkable performance against a strong Kilbride Kings team.

Please note that these results are entirely fictional and for illustrative purposes only. They do not represent real sporting events or outcomes.